Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 40: Acceptance
(by NativeRose, added on 21 April 2006 10:39 PM)

Autumn's mother wasn't sure what to make of all this talk about God, this Jesus character and miracles. What did it all mean for her daughter? How had she come to this conclusion. She figured it had to be that person...Brendan? He was totally "on fire for God" as he called it. She had always thought he was a little overzealous, but if it made her daughter happy...
"...and so you see," Autumn was saying, "I'm not worried about dying. The Bible says that all my days were numbered before I was born. I don't know if that's seventeen years or seventy years. God already knows what's going to happen to me. I just want to reflect Jesus...during the time that I have left. I know where I'm going, I know what is going to happen to me when I die, but I want to make sure you're all there with me. Read the Bible, examine the things we have talked about, and you'll see that it is true. Just...don't put it off; we never know how long we have left."
"Wow, that's some pretty profound stuff coming from a sixteen-year-old," her mother marveled at her daughter's ability to accept whatever came. Autumn seemed to have a kind of peace. She wasn't afraid to die, she believed she would be reunited with everyone who believed Jesus as their Savior...would her mother and father be among that group? She already knew Jamison had accepted these things wholeheartedly as the truth. If Lynne's daughter could speak of her impending death so calmly, with such an undeniable assurance that she would go to heaven...shouldn't Lynne look into it?

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