Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 36: A Miracle
(by reinhard, added on 24 July 2005 03:22 AM)

Jamison studied the ER, he thought that he would not have to see this room again. He decided that the best and only thing he really could do for Autumn right now was to pray. I looked again at Autumn's face, thinking how pail it looked and wished for the 100th time that he had the power of heeling like Jesus does. He decided that the first order of business was to call his church. He knew many of the people in his church would be willing to come up there to pray for Autumn. Even if they did not come up here to pray for her they would pray for her at home. He walked down the cold hall down to find a phone.

Jamison first called the pastor of Hope (the true name of the church was called The Living Hope assembly of God). Everyone just called the church Hope.
"pastor Jack speaking, how may I help you?" Jamison was very happy that he had gotten in touch with Jack. Jack and he had been having weekly talks about Jamison's won on going bouts of depression. The pastor has said that the mood swings had a lot to do with the great amount of stress Jamison was going through.

"pastor, I really need your help this time. One of my best friends (remember the girl I was telling you about); she is not doing very well at all. I would like to have the church start a prayer chain for her. My prayer is that she will be heeled of her sickness and that all the pain would be going. I know that my Lord is able to help her and I believe that he can."
Well," said Jack "I sure will start the prayer chain and I am on my way up tot he hospital to see the condition of ..."
"Autumn" said Jamison.
Pastor Jack side, "right. I will be up there as soon as I can."

Jamison felt a lot better knowing that his entire church was now praying for Autumn.

Now here is the scary fact, Autumn's condition was very bad in deed. The doctors normally did not allow family in the IR, but they figured that Autumn only had a just a few hours left so having the family and friends there in the room would be a good thing for Autumn and the family. Autumn's body was so full of cancer that it was a merical that she was still alive. The lead doctor scratched his head and wondered why Autumn was still alive. It shocked him greatly to have seen Autumn open her eyes and talk to her friend. Love sure has some amazing capabilities. The lead doctor believed that love was the only thing that was keeping Autumn alive at this point.

Jamison thought that the only thing that was keeping Autumn alive was that it was not her time to go see Jesus. He knew that she has some weird beliefs, but he also knew that she was a Christian. Autumn and he have had some deep discussions about Jesus and he was able to answer some questions that she has in her mind about salvation and how the best way was to get to heaven. Jamison believed that the only way one could get to heaven was through Jesus and the only way you could do that was through the cross. He believed that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the word. Since he had been into the hospital he had reaffirmed his belief in Jesus. He knows that with His help that Autumn would pull this one off some how.

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