Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 24: Jamison's Words
(by Caitlin, added on 30 June 2004 12:08 AM)

Jamison hurried after Autumn's mother into the hospital. His heart was pounding, and he could hardly keep is face from breaking into a panic, into a wave of desperate terror. He couldn't let anything happen to Autumn.
"Jamison! Jamison, over here, this elevator's open," Lynne called out hoarsely. Her tiredness and fear blended and her voice scared Jamison even more.
"Coming," he called, racing into the elevator.
Presently, they arrived at Autumn's floor.
Sariah Golden met them there.
"Come quickly," she said, "she's not well at all. I ... I pray we don't lose her," she said. Jamison saw, by her pale face, that this was nothing small. This was big and scary, and he didn't know if he could deal with it.
"I have to go see her," he cried feverishly.
"Go ahead, she's right in that room," Sariah said, indicating a doorway.
Jamison plowed through, but slowed at the sight of Autumn, hooked up to a great number of machines.
"Autumn!" He cried her name, then lowered his voice, and walked slowly to her bedside. She didnt' move, didn't register his presence at all. She was completely unconscious.
"Autumn?" He reached out tentatively, and took her hand. It wasn't cold, or heavy, it was just small, and lifeless.
"Autumn, hang on, please, please don't leave me. I ... I can't live without you." He tried to keep his voice steady, but it was quite a chore. All his love for her seemed about to fall off a cliff. He couldn't let her go. "Hold on, Autumn, please, please hold on. DOn't let go." And he released her hand, and stood by her bed. His view of her blurring through a steady rush of tears, and his love for her roaring within him, he knew that she was stepping closer to death, death was nearing her face. But behind her, life raged, and was trying to suck her back in.
It was in God's hands, and Jamison prayed for her as hard as he knew how, prayed and prayed, promising and questioning, and keeping his eyes on Autumn's face the entire time.
"Don't let go of life," he whispered to Autumn, as nurses began to trickle into her room again. "I'll always be here. I won't leave."

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