Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 22: Leaving
(by Caitlin, added on 21 June 2004 05:25 AM)

Autumn, though weak and tired, rose from her bed and hugged her mother with energy.
"THanks so much for doing this, Mom," she said, kissing her cheek shyly.
"Yeah," Jamison added, "it's so nice of you, really. I don't deserve this."
"Certainly you do, Jamison, you are, and always will be, I'm sure, a great friend to Autumn," Mrs. Hansen told him.
Together, the three of them gathered Jamison's things. Then the woman and the boy left the girl in bed, for the time being. THey were going to return home, get Jamison and his things settled in the house, and return later.
Autumn fell asleep, contented. Little did she know that her health would be at stake, and very soon, at that.

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