Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 20: Early Morning Questioning
(by Caitlin, added on 19 June 2004 04:41 PM)

"Autumn? ... Autumn? Can you hear me?"
Autumn awoke. Pain shot through her face, but she ignored it--she was used to pain, far too used to it. She knew that she was more used to it than a girl of her age should be.
Now she realized that Jamison was calling her.
She opened her eyes drowsily.
"Jamison? ... Yeah, I hear you," she said.
"Autumn? ... Where will I go now? I have to leave the hospital, I don't need it anymore, and they'll kick me out. But my ..." He stopped.
"Go on," Autumn prompted gently.
"Well my parents don't want me ... they've as good as disowned me, abandoned me. So ... what should I do?"
Autumn smiled. "Easy. Go to my house."
"What?" Jamison sounded puzzled.
"Well ... my mom won't object. I mean she knows we're great friends. And when I'm out of here, we'll find you a place to live. A little apartment or something, and we can stay friends."
"I can't accept that offer, Autumn, it's too wonderful," Jamison said, flushing slightly.
"No, honestly, just take it," Autumn said with a smile.
"Really? Truly? Your mom won't mind?" Jamison asked.
"No, not at all, but you can ask her, if you like," said Autumn, "the number's beside the bed."
"I'll call her right now," Jamison said, reaching for the card and the phone. Holding these in one hand, he smoothed the bandages on Autumn's forehead with the other. "Go to sleep, Autumn. I'm sorry I woke you up so early."
"Don't be sorry, I'm glad you did," Autumn said, smiling, and leaning back into her pillows. "Now, neither of us needs to worry about much. At least, at this point in time."
And she drifted off to sleep as Jamison dialed Autumn's mom's number.

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