Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 15: Jamison
(by NativeRose, added on 27 May 2004 07:47 PM)

Jamison Perkins had lived in Apple Valley, Georgia all his life. He was now sixteen, and a sophomore in high school. He attended the local Christian school, but he had seen Autumn around when he went to the public high school musical. She had played a wonderful Christine. Other than that, he had only seen her around town a few times. He never really thought anything of it, she was just another girl who would reject him, when she discovered what his parents were like.

His parents had been alcoholics for as long as he could remember. He was used to it by now, but it didn't make it any easier to see them stumble drunkenly through the door, and he was always dragging their lifeless bodies to bed, and cleaning up the mess left behind in their alcoholic stupor.
Nothing seemed to be going right, and he was enveloped in a hopeless darkness. That was before Autumn entered the picture. She was a ray of light in the midst of his despair. She accepted him as the lame religious kid with alcoholic parents. She was his friend, despite everything that was going on. She wanted to help him through his depression. He decided he would fight the cancer with Autumn; he would be there with her through the chemotherapy and the side effects of the treatment, and the pain associated with the cancer. He realized with startling clarity that he loved AutumnHanson...and didn't want to lose her.

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