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Chapter 136: Author's Note
(by Bethany Rose, added on 30 May 2012 08:10 AM)

When I started writing this story, all I could do was imagine what this might be like. I didn't know a think about how cancer would affect everyone in a diagnosed person's circle.

Until November 1, 2008...

I was talking with my former college roommate and best friend in between classes. It was fitting, then, that she would be the one to tell me that one of our friends had leukemia. And thus began my real understanding of life affected by cancer. Kalila fought long and hard, and her compassion, humor and faith in God remained right until her physical death. She was God's beautiful creation and was brought into countless people's lives, and they would be changed.

Kalila Marie Borden: February 14, 1985-October 18, 2009
And to Kalila: I can't wait to hear your beautiful voice again, sweet friend. You are in the absolute best place: resting in the arms of Jesus. I am sure he said to you, "Well done, good and faithful servant." What beautiful words, and you were a faithful servant right until the end. We will see you soon, precious princess of the Lord Most High!

Then I got involved in the childhood cancer community. I saw something on the Internet--from a trusted source--about a little girl named Layla Grace. She had a form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. I wanted to follow her journey, since I know how watching someone die is excruciating. I wanted to provide support. And there was no turning back after that. I was in with both feet. I learned that, in the United States, forty-six children are diagnosed with cancer, and five children die each day due to cancer or complications.

I write this and educate people so we can get one step closer to finding cures. I write in honor of cancer angels
Kalila, Joyce, Dr. Katheryn Elaine Woodruff, Tyler B, Ronan, Layla, Ellie, Ethan, Nayelis, Tuesday, Evan, Talon, Tyler J, Piper, Emma, Bryce, Emily, Noah, Thomas, Avery, Anna, Tiana, Brogan, Nick, Santos, Ayden, Sophie, Kimberly, Harley, Madeline, Paxten, Ava, Brady, Ezra, Luke, Brennan
And, tragically, so many more!
and to cancer kids still in the battle:
Braden, Collin, Patrick, Owen, Kate, Caden, Tylor M, Danielle, Mara (a different condition, but still a hero), Andrew, Serena, Natalie, Kyle, Joshua, Jordyn, Emily, Jaxon, Denali, Taylor, Haley, Ariel, Ethan, Andrew K, Codey, Brycen, Vinny, Dejon, Lola, Kayda, Jaycee, Nolan, Eli, Lewis, Emily, Erin, Bella, Carli, Austin, Callie, Brooke, Lindsey, Justin, Lindsey, Kendall, Jayda, Luca, McLain, August, Torrence, Mary Catherine, Liam, Ella, Ty
And these are just the ones I know about. Do you see these two lists? Each name has a story. Each of these people had or has cancer, and that shakes the friends, families, hospital staff, hospice workers and so many more to the core!

I write in honor of all of these cancer heroes--those who have earned their wings, and those who are still livving and marching on--and those who help them, because they are heroes, too. May God surround all of these and the countless other families with peace and comfort through devastation. May He be a refuge for them.

Just one more thing: I'm thinking about writing a sequel to this story, but I don't know if I'll do that yet.

Shalom {Peace} to you all!

Bethany Rose

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