Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 134: Autumn's New Genesis
(by Bethany Rose, added on 30 May 2012 06:46 AM)

It was three weeks later, and everyone kept their word. Hospice said that she was reaching the end. She could no longer see was on oxygen, and she needed a constant morphine drip. Autumn would occasionally take in nourishment. Apple juice, cherry Jello that hadn't set and chocolate ice cream were winners on the rare occasion when she tolerated it. Her friends and family surrounded her, and they would touch her hand, head or foot. They reminded her of their love, and sometimes they would read Scripture to her or share funny or touching memories. And now the signs that death was near were present. It was late evening, and her friends and family were seated around the room. They didn't want to crowd around her bed, as that seemed to agitate her. At that moment, Jamison held her left hand, Jason her right, and Sariah stood at the foot of the bed touching her blanket-covered foot. Kylewas praying, and the rest had their eyes on Autumn. They watched. They waited. The next breath could be her last. Autumn slowly opened her eyes and said, "I love you," and a moment later, she returned to her drug-induced slumber.

On July 7, 2009 at 1:42 AM, Autumn Rose Hansen took her last breath. And in that instant, those who remained knew their precious friend was seeing the face of her Lord, her Mashiach, her Yeshua!

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