Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 129: Irreversable
(by NativeRose, added on 29 December 2011 06:34 PM)

" was a murder-suicide." Kyle Corbin informed his family.
"What?" the chaplain's daughters, Katelyn, Kambra and Kendall, exclaimed.
"Oh, Lord Jesus!" his wife, Judith, cried.

Kyle had just been told that Anna and Alan had just been found dead. They had been so guilt-ridden that they decided death was the only acceptable punishment. Even though Autumn had survived the operation, they were told that, given her poor health, she might not survive any infections that could result. What if they, and not the cancer, were going to be the end of Autumn? Alan and Anna felt equally responsible, but Anna was harder on herself, since she was directly responsible for keeping Autumn safe. Thus, upon her request--or anguished demand--Alan killed her and then himself. Let God be their merciful Savior or righteous Judge. Now it was Kyle's job to tell Autumn and her family the latest in a string of horrible news. As Kyle, Judith and the Corbin daughters quietly filed out of the elevator and toward Autumn's room, Kyle wondered just how he would go about doing this.

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