Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 12: What Next?
(by NativeRose, added on 3 May 2004 05:56 PM)

Lynne stood next to her daughter's bed, listening to the beeping monitors, staring at Autumn's blank face. What went so horribly wrong? Everything seemed to be just fine, and then the seizure...things plummeted from there. Autumn was taken to Rochester. A CT scan showed the rapid growth of the tumor. The chemotherapy only made Autumn sick, and nothing seemed to slow the growth of the brain tumor, and the cancer was spreading...
Lynne felt so helpless as she tried to untangle the maze of medical documents before her. The words on the page didn't make sense at all. This was her daughter they were talking about, not just some specimen, not just some more paperwork. She was so afraid of what was what to come, afraid of the unknown. Little did she know that what she feared was nothing like what was to come.

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