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Chapter 117: Jenni's surprise
(by jennifer palmer, added on 9 March 2009 11:36 AM)

Jenni stood outside her apartment the cold in one hand and a piece of paper in the other along her cane. "Oh lord don't let the cops ask any questions, I aint got the stuff to explain this one" she thought moving faster towards the actor's store. She stopped opened the door and a bell rang as she walked in. "Hey, yall got any of those fake blood bullets left," she asked walking up to the counter, "Yep" the man replied looking at the colt. "All right, kinda laid this chick out and had none, need to be prepared this time. Plus i scared some people so yeah." Jenni sounded amused remembering the mess. "Ya want the kind with the fake blood on the outside or the ones that break and drop the fake blood out?" The man's question took her by surprise so she said "give me two of both." He smiled taking her money and coming back with four boxes of ammo. He smiled "these each have fifty rounds so have fun and Jenni, dont try to shoot crazy ladies anymore." Jenni gasped, "what are you talking about i didn't try to shoot her, i was gonna kill her!" The man smiled "no you wouldn't of" he sighed. "You wouldn't hurt anyone unless you were taking your last breath and you know it." Jenni smiled and turned to go, "I will catch ya later, i gotta show this to a sick girl so she don't think I am carrying an actual gun." The man smiled, "let me know how that goes and Jenni don't scare her."
Jenni headed for the hospital Lance had told her he was going to be there and she figured all of them should see the gun and everything first. She balanced everything in her arms and read the directions and floor information on the sheet of paper she was carrying and kept going, she ran through the doors cane swinging wildly and found the elevators with no trouble. Jenni arrived on the floor and found the nurse's station everyone was there Lance and Jason looked scared but Jenni just flashed them a smile and set everything on the table. "ok yall, this is a fake gun so nothing is going to get broken but i recommend having house keeping on backup in here when i am done. got two i am gonna show ya the differences are pretty clear." Jenni loaded one of the rounds with the fake blood on the outside and shut the door, "Does this door have a window?" "Um no," Lance said worry in his tone. "OK then lets see." Jenni cocked the gun held it by her left shoulder e everyone moved she knew she had a straight shot the firing range had taught her that she adjusted her stance leveled the gun at the door. Then she fired! She felt the shock and kick of the gun and heard a splat but a bang as if it were a real bullet being fired. "How the Lance said, "Oh the blood is on the outside of that one in a lose cartridge type thing that falls after the shot" Jenni explained. "now this one is what i would of used the other day if she had gone any further, This one has the stuff on the inside. These are more real sounding and visually so yeah." Jenni loaded the second ammo and went through the same method she leveled off and fired, the blast louder than the first and her hand shook. The bullet struck then exploded fake blood going everywhere and everyone seemed to stare. "Oh my god Jenni," this from jason "Dear lord, let me never mess with her," This from lance who stared at the mess of fake blood and spent fake shell casings and shattered bullets.
Jenni smiled, so that woman wouldn't of been hurt, but she would of thought she was, Jenni said her smile radiant. Dang, Jamison said his eyes wide. Oh lord in heaven Jenni! This from abby who looked scared, I certainly hope no one out there thought guns were being shot off in here Jacob said. With you here, Jenni said I seriously doubt it. She smiled and put everything away then said "so get me some supplies and i will show ya how easy clean up is on this stuff." She grinned as lance handed her stuff she quickly wiped up the fake blood and showed them how the bullets had worked. They stood in shock trying to piece it all together then a pager went off. Well, pagers are going off so guess the fun is over, how sad. Jenni said with a sigh. She made sure she had fully cleaned up the mess as they walked out Jason noticed some of the fake blood on the door frame and wiped it off with his sleeve he noticed the stuff was a jelly then he put it in his palm and hit it hard as if it were shot from a gun and came from the person it ran in a liquid form instead of the gelly it had formerally been. He stared ahead of him amazed, well at least its not a real gun like we feared he thought walking in to Autumn's room.

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