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Chapter 114: A Daring plan
(by jennifer palmer, added on 28 January 2009 01:08 PM)

Lance remembered the stun gun Jenni told him to carry. "Remember that thing puts out 800000 volts of pure eletric force" He remembered her saying that as he and Virginia left the hospital. He felt it clipped to his belt as they walked He also remembered the can of mace Jenni had made him promise to carry. They stopped to cross the street and he pulled both out one in each hand. "I am gonna say this one time little lady he said coldly. You mess with me my friends or anyone I will kill you I aint got crap to lose not too mention ya was talkin bout doing crap to my cousin he jammed the stun gun in to her hip flipped the safety and hit the trigger switch at that second Jenni aproached a colt in one hand cane in the other. "Look here little bitch" she said "see this gun ya step foot in that hospital without a damned good reason like bleeding dying or via cop i end your life got it? "virginia looked shocked. "how dare yall that girl made lynne look like nothin I should kill you both" Jenni jammed the colt to her head "one more word bitch and i pull the trigger and its no more blimmish on society" Lance quickly pocketted the mace pulled out his cell and dialed Jason "hey i got virginia ya may wanna get psych down here fore jenni blows her brains out. Jenni and me made a plan to stop this chick cold I wasn't going to let her hurt Autumn got some news for ya me and your daughter, we are cousins. Jason was staring at jacob the guard, "jacob ya got experience with psych guns and a very angry blind lady? Jacob stared he had known Jenni since she was a kid and said "oh my god she brought out the colt on that lady?>??? "Yeah," Jason answered slowly. She did got her at point now. They ran down to the corner and Jacob started to talk to Jenni who looking surprized said "well? did yall think i was going to let harm come to Autumn? She handed the gun to Jacob and said I just got released from oakwood, been on my meds its a mother's like instinct this chick nor anyone else is gonna pull this crap again. I will kick ass and take names. All three men looked worried, but they all knew that Jenni would stand by her word. Virginia on the other hand lay on the sidewalk crying that she didn't want to hurt Autumn just scare her. Jenni simply slapped the woman across the face bs lady she snarled I know better remember me come on little girl look at me remember me the one who helped lock you up in isolation I strapped your butt down girly remember? Jenni felt sick who would want to hurt a girl with brain cancer of all crap a defenseless child of all people. Jenni glared down at the woman and said "Autumn has a brain tumor, how would you feel if some lady who drinks too much aint got a job and smokes more crack in a day than most smoke in a lifetime were wanting to hurt your child how the hell would you feel! Virginia just stared up at them all "what that why she in the hospital? "yeah and lynne didn't do any favors." Jason said this his eyes flaming. You my dear Lance said have just screwed up your probation and your treatment plan it appears. "Jacob, arrest her." Jacob did as requested and carted her off to the station where she was taken back to prison to a psychiatric unit on sight and locked in for observation. Jenni, Lance, Jason, and Jacob went back to the hospital to talk to everyone else on what had happened. Lance started to talk then stopped "what's up man" Jacob asked. "I was thinking about those rape charges I noticed I haven't been formally charged or anything." Well, Jenni spoke, I sorta spotted you and had a little talk with the DA I told them downtown that you had come to AA and started looking in to college and i doubted that you would reoffend let's put it this way you are being watched and when Autumn is well enough psychologically and physically they will talk to her for a decision." "I agreed to that as the custodial party in this Lance because I have seen you make progress." Jason spoke up now trying to ease the man's fears. Lance went home that night and sat down at the computer trying to figure out which degree he wanted to major in psychology or criminal justice, he had decided against the specializations for mental health services or substance abuse programs in favor of psychology which would allow him to work in both fields. He found himself on his blog talking about the plan he wrote "I feel so pethetic, I mean yeah i saved Autumn but I hurt her more than the lord will ever forgive. and I don't know if i will ever be forgiven." Autumn sat up on her bed learning to use a special keyboard that she could use with one hand when she came across Lance's blog and started to read from the day he went to AA with Jenni to now and his last words stung. "He hates himself and fears I will never forgive him when he saved me but from what?" Why she thought why do they think they will stress me out if they tell me there is a problem why do they hide crap she thought as she shut the laptop down and tried to sleep.

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