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Chapter 113: A Chance for Lance
(by NativeRose, added on 23 December 2008 01:29 PM)

Lance didn't know of the plan to have the security guards stationed outside Autumn's room. He decided he would be extra vigilent to be sure nothing could happen. It was decided that Autumn wouldn't be made aware of the hitened security, because that knowledge would just add stress to her life. She certainly didn't need more of that. Maybe Lance could be vindicated from his own self-imposed incrimination by helping her in this way.

Lance saw an oddly familiar person before the security guard did. Lance happened to be in a lounge of sorts looking for Abbie. He saw the woman as she rounded the corner. But the security guard could not determine her identity at that point because she was just around the bend.
"Hey!" he hurried to the woman.
"Yeah?" she barked.
"Ain't you that gal I seen at the Sugar Shack??"
"What you talkin' 'bout, boy?"
Lance frantically searched for something to say to divert her attention and to slow her progress to Autumn's room.
"I seen you there with Becky and Lynn. We hang together sometimes."
"Don't you know they's both dead?" she rasped.
"Well, I knowed 'bout Lynn..."
"Yeah, and that girl's gonna get hers for what she done to my friends." Lance supposed he morphed into this mode of speech to make his part appear more believable.
"Aw, don't worry 'bout that none. Let's go get us a drink." Lance prayed she would take the bait and he could get her out the door. She stopped and looked at him oddly.
"What? I ain't never met you! You a freak!"
"Naw, let's go have some fun!"
"Well, I s'pose that will make this deal funner."
"Yeah, then you can tell me 'bout what ya wanna do with this girl. I wanna help."
Lance had just decided he would go undercover to see what he could find out. Then he could go to the police or at least alert the hospital staff of Virginia's plans. If only he could help that girl he had so wronged...

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