Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 108: the start of larnce's new life
(by emma, added on 14 December 2008 07:45 PM)

Larnce decided that he would go down to his local registery office to see whether he could get a copy of his birht certificet. When he arived at the resgistery office he went up to the desk and gave his name and aged to the lady behind the desk. As he was waiting for the result he was thinking what to do if the lady could not find him on her computer. The lady looked up and smiled "i have found your infromation would you like me to print it out for you sir."
"yes please that would be grate."
"do you have any proof of who you are sir." larnce took out his driving license and showed the lady. "that is grate." She then passed over the copy of his birth certificet and he just stood and looked at it. His mother's name was sally white. He shook his head and read it again. It could not be sally it was the old lady who lived opersit him and jenny. He phoned jenny and told her the good news. She was so happy for him.

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