Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 105: Becky's Turn
(by NativeRose, added on 17 November 2008 12:43 PM)

Lana was not present, and Lance and Jenni soon discovered the shocking reason. Another group leader rushed to explain, though she was not eager to do so.
"Becky, the lady who was here once and abruptly left telling us this was a waste of her time...anyway, Becky was killed today." Her voice trailed off, and gasps filled the room. How could this be?
"She left the Sugar Shack, but on her way home, she crashed into a median, sailed across the street and slammed into a telephone pole. Then, the car spun totally out of control and she collided into a pedestrian--a woman in a wheelchair, holding a baby." Several faces darkened and others bowed their heads in shame. Many of these people got into similar situations, and that was why they were here tonight.
"Becky was killed, as was the woman in the wheelchair. However, she must have seen what was going on, because she shielded the baby from direct impact with the car. The baby is alive, but she sustained many injuries. I happen to know some staff who are working with her, and I know for a fact they are praying for her. We're all praying she lives."
"Yes," said a quiet chorus of AA members.
That meeting turned out to be a time for sharing their stories like that. Although it was painful, they needed this release, and it was one of the first steps to healing.

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