Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 104: Spreading Pieces
(by NativeRose, added on 17 November 2008 12:29 PM)

Carrie saw the documented events of the day, but she didn't know if she had it straight. She walked toward Autumn's room, but stopped when she saw Sariah.
"So...want to explain what happened? I don't think I have the whole story figured out."
"Okay, here's how it went. Becky, Lynn's best friend and drinking partner, came here to...well, the same verbal abuse Autumn got from her mom. Jamison was the next person to enter, and he tried to put a stop to it. Then I came in just in time to see her glance at Autumn and to see Jamison punch Becky full in the face. Then, Josiah and Kambra--Pastor Corbin's daughter--came in and took Autumn's bed and all the machinery out. Meanwhile, I was working to disperse the "crowd," but Becky turned on me and effectively broke my nose, and I ended up with eyes almost swollen shut later. Josiah must have seen that right away, because the security guard told me to leave and work on cleaning up my face at the same time Josiah entered. The guards took Becky away, and several of us have spent the last hour trying to help relieve Autumn's agitation."

Lance was greatly relieved when he learned that Becky wouldn't be permitted to enter Autumn's room, and she had no other reason to go to the hospital. Nevertheless, all security guards were especially vigilent. He felt his burden was a little lighter as he made his way to the AA meeting. He strangely anticipated a reunion with Jenni. What was this hold the girl had on him? He appreciated, admired and respected Jenni for sure, but was there something more? She helped to rescue Lance from his impending fate at the bottom of a beer bottle. Maybe his intense gratitude caused this attraction.

Jenni met him outside the Oakwood entrance. Her smile was so genuine, and a new mirth seemed to color her life.
"I did it, Lance! I just...well, I decided I want God in my life. Lana has been helping me to untangle this whole deal, and I'm ready!"
"That's great! And I have some news for you. I finished my application to Mesa State and sent it today. I'm finally getting my life back together."
But neither person's joy was to last, at least for this night.

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