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Chapter 99: A Day At Oakwood
(by jennifer palmer, added on 30 October 2008 04:46 AM)

Jenni woke early people standing by her bed light on burning the sleep from her eyes. "Miss Palmer, we are here to draw blood." Jenni hated this but knew it was a necessary evil of anywhere related to psychiatric treatment She glared but revealed her better for blood drawing arm her right. "Right" she said blandly. They stuck the needle in to her arm at least six times before getting enough blood. She then got up ran out in to the hall found towels and asked the night nurse who didnt get off till almost eight for stuff to shower. She came out thirty minutes later she knew that because the tech kept knocking on the door to do checks she knew she was a q15 meaning they had to check on her every fifteen minutes. She went and sat next to a loner who seemed to be reading but she couldnt be sure. She heard his breathing she had sat next to him before she knew his name was Sean and he had done a lot of dope. She thought back to her therapy session yesterday remembering her mom's pressure to abort her pregnancy she was 19 and thought she was doing the right thing. She closed her eyes and prayed god help me through today give me the strength to not think of the child i could of had give me the strength to not remember the pain of that abortion my mother's beating me and dragging me to the clinic. God help me! She hadnt realyzed she was speaking until Sean put his large hand on her shoulder. "Jenni, you ok kid?" He seemed to care so she found herself opening up to him. "Yeah, its just three years ago today i had an abortion. I had become pregnant as a result of a rape. My mom Made me abort." "Wow thats some bull you shouldnt of had to do..." Sean sounded pissed but Jenni couldnt be sure. Jenni waited a bit more and soon enough it was breakfast "wow seven all ready" she thought finding her way to a table. She waited for the nurse to bring her her tray and she thought of the day's activities vitals, art therapy, music therapy, private personal therapy, pro-covery, dialectical behavioral therapy, and substance abuse group. Wow that's a lot she thought then lunch between personal therapy and pro-covery then the other groups and dinner and then she thought then what? Well, she thought that's right AA that was always good. She wondered if the people in that group came from all over oakwood or just the unit and would she know any of them. She found herself eating silently and hoping today would be somewhat easier as it droned on. She breezed through the morning groups up untill personal therapy she found it hard to talk about the abortion but knew she must. She started to tell the story she found herself crying as the hour closed. She found pro-covery interesting but dialectical behavioral therapy dbt more interesting along with the substance abuse group. Sean was there and kept silent and aloof he seemed unresponsive wow she thought i kinda like him. she ate then did evening shift vitals and another community group they had forgotten the morning group but no one cared Jenni was one of three people who showed Sean james and herself. The world seems so tiny Sean said quietly. He seemed to be looking jenni's way but she didn't know for sure. She went to the AA group and found Sean trying to coax someone obviously suffering from some sort of psychotic condition that this wasn't their bedroom and he was slightly successful by getting the man to walk out of the room in to the hall where a nurse and tech escorted him to his room. The aggressive man from Jenni's first day was sitting calmly at a simple table which for some reason still had stuff from the art group on it. Jenni sat on the wall for some reason all of a sudden she didn't feel like talking. The group was ok but the lady tried to push her to talk finally Jenni snapped "Look! I don't want to talk right now, I am deprived of nicoteen, and i just may fly over the roof in ten seconds so kindly don't fuck with me." She sat back. Well, looks like you need to be here longer Miss Palmer the woman said. "lady, look that girl had trauma happen to her three years back today. don't screw with her or you will piss me off and ya know what that looks like remember the broken nose i gave you? This all from sean who sat near Jenni and seemed to want to jump up and deck the woman on the spot. Sean stay out of it she screamed. "Drauma queen in the house." This was from Trina another girl on the unit."i am not a drauma queen the woman screamed. "Hey why is this chick still working here? Jenni finally had to ask. Cause, they can't find anyone else This from sean. "well, i can. Jenni looked absolute as she ran to the hall she dialed the house and Lance answered on the first ring. "hey wanna give back to the planet? "Yeah, what ya talking about Jen? Well, Jenni decided to pick her words slowly the lady leading AA is a real drauma queen and likes to force people to talk." "She try that on ya?" Lance sounded annoyed. In fact lance stood glaring at the wall he had just come home from a meeting he finally had a month sober. He stared in shock as Jenni told him the story. "I am calling them first thing in the morning and I am also calling the charge nurse on right now to discuss this with her. this is crap Jen and none of yall should have to put up with it. He told her he would be by in the morning to check on her and hung up. Jenni didn't return to the group she couldn't take anymore. She got her night meds and fell in to bed praying for a better day tomorrow.

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