Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 98: Slow Revelation
(by NativeRose, added on 12 October 2008 04:29 PM)

Jen dialed the hospital with trembling fingers. Whatever would the girl think if Jen told her everything?
"Oh, um, this is Autumn's room?" she was startled when she heard a different voice. It sounded oddly like that of Lance.
"Jenni?" the voice continued.
"What are--"
"Anna is going to be released today, and she wanted to try to talk to Autumn again. I just thank God that she's going home...and especially that she...she...has forgiven me. Thank God she has recovered some."
"Yes. It looks like I'll be at Oakwood for some time, at least three months. I'm just so ashamed! Things were going well, and I can't believe I just slipped back into this again. I guess it started when..."
"When what?" Lance gently prodded.
"Oh nothing!) Jenni snapped. "

Hannalaura Whitedove, Jenni's nurse, entered to find the girl sobbing. The immediate connection that had developed between the two women prompted Jenni to tell Hannalaura what was on her heart.
"You know the thing with Lance and Lynn? It just reminded me of...and tomorow is the anniversary..." Her voice trailed off, but her nurse sat patiently waiting for her to continue.
"I'm a killer! I had an abortion three years ago!" The words spilled from Jenni's mouth as she crumbled under the weight of her grief yet again. Hannalaura could relate, as she had done the same when she was sixteen, and she'd never forget it. She was healing from that experience emotionally and spiritually only through her relationship with Jesus Christ.
"I know, it's something you never forget," Hannalaura quietly responded.
"Help!" Jenni cried as she plunged to her knees before this gentle woman.
"I will help you, Jennifer," she promised, "and your therapist is a lady who has also experienced the same. She will also help you, and she won't judge you."

Natalia awaited the arrival of her latest patient, Jennifer Palmer. Hanalaura had already told Natalia of one of Jenni's struggles. She had obtained permission from Jenni before she told Natalia she'd need to help her get through an abortion experience. This is partially why I entered this field, Natalia thought, as she moved toward the door to welcome Jenni. God, give her comfort.

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