Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 91: Confession and Confusion
(by NativeRose, added on 17 May 2008 09:32 PM)

Lynne had received permission to leave the center for five hours. She had to tell rehab staff exactly where she was going and how long she would be there. She also had to check in with rehab several times: when she got to her destination, at least once during the excursion and when she going back to the center. Despite all of the strict rules, Lynne knew how to play this game, and she could do that well.

Lynne went into Autumn's hospital room where she feigned tears. Her face was hidden behind the paper she had in her hand.
"What's wrong?" Jason fairly barked at her.
?I just found out that..." she took a deep, shuddering breath to cover her blunder. She forgot what she was going to say! As she sighed, she formed other words. "I just found out that my parents adopted me. My biological mother notified me of..." she took another deep breath, just for affect. "Well, my biological father has the same type of cancer that you do, Autumn! I never knew him, and now he's dying! They are giving him three months to live. You see, I was taken from my parents when I was two, so of course I don't remember this. Apparently, they were all into drugs. That's how it started with me. I saw them using illegal substances for a long time; their teachings got me into this mess. My foster family did the same things: drug use, abuse, inappropriate sexual activities. That's the only reason I got into this. They kicked me out when they found out I was pregnant at fourteen. I had no place to go, so I started hanging out with a gang. At least they were loyal. Maybe you can better understand why I am this way." She stopped talking so they could digest this. Perhaps now they would let her back in. Well, it was no matter; Lynne would find the most appropriate form of sabotage. She waited anxiously, before someone spoke...

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