Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 9: The Dance
(by Shanda , added on 20 April 2004 09:18 PM)

Autumn lay on the hospital bed, weak from her chemo earlier that morning. A radio played softly by her bed, and her mom sat by her holding her hand.
Suddenly, Autumn heard a noise outside and heard her friend Anna's voice.
"Surprise! Autumn, we brought tonight's school dance to you in a way. Jeffrey's here and I am, and Gena, and a couple others are coming a bit later..."
Autumn sat up and held her hands out to all of her friends. Each clasped it in return, but it was Jeffrey who clasped it for the longest time.
A up-beat song began to play, and Autumn began to sway while sitting on her bed. Of course, she was to worn out to dance and Anna and her friends hadn't thought of this as they might have done. But, they still had fun.
Autumn's mom decided to play a slow song that she'd loved when she was a girl, and Jeffrey took this opportunity to sit by Autumn on the bed and gently take her hand in his.
They swayed slowly to the music, both of them living in a different world far from that of the hospital where they'd both been cooped up so long unsure of where their lives were headed.

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