Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 89: Sweet Revenge
(by NativeRose, added on 14 May 2008 07:49 PM)

Lynn couldn't believe what Lance was saying. He said he thought she loved him? Well, what made him doubt now? He stood there, telling all those Jesus lunatics about his childhood, but why did he think Autumn deserved an explanation? He actually seemed contrite, using the excuse that was what he was taught to do, and then there was that whole thing about how he wanted Lynn's love. Whatever gave him that idea? Lynn stood in Autumn's bathroom, dressed in scrubs...just in case someone should find her. Lynn sat in the shower chair and pulled the curtain tightly closed. That way, anyone who looked toward the bathroom or entered to do his or her thing, she would not be noticed. She strained to hear what Autumn said, and she couldn't believe what the girl said! She just couldn't believe it! She said she'd forgive him, but not right if Lance had done anything wrong! That girl had revealed the truth to all those people. She had successfully fooled all the hospital staff; after all, Lynn had been playing this game for years. Now it was refined to perfection. Autumn deserved what Lance had done, but how did they find out that Lynn was his accomplice? Autumn was too ill and wasn't in a proper emotional state to tell them anything. Each time Lynn saw Autumn's anguished expression and heard Autumn's angry torrent of words, she knew she could finally control something. When Lynn saw and heard Autumn cry, she experienced a power she had never known before. Now Autumn had an idea of what Lynn was going through. After all, the girl had ruined Lynn's perfect facade and revealed what they all saw as ugly. What did they know? How could they ever understand? If the story Lance told softened their hearts, maybe she could do the same. She could spin a tale of such horrendous proportion that they would never see her as a wayward child in an adult body. But first, she needed to basque in her self-made power; she wanted Autumn to suffer, because she had ruined Lynn's life....from the beginning. Autumn needed to feel the pain of rejection and abandonment; she deserved what she got. Lynn would do her best to make Autumn's support system crumble, just as Autumn had done to Lynn. That she would do this to her own mother!...
Lynn couldn't wait to see what Autumn would do. She could almost taste her desire for vengance, and revenge was certainly much more than sweet!

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