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Chapter 85: The Decision
(by NativeRose, added on 12 April 2008 07:26 PM)

"So what are you going to do?" Lance was saying.
"What?" Lynn asked, startled.
"I said...we can't have a baby! I ain't never planned for that!"
"And you think I want it?" Lynn asked.
"How we get into this mess?"
"I dunno."
They were both wasted, so this wasn't the right time to talk about this. Still, neither one would have the courage to discuss it when they were sober.
"So, some lady at that hosp...hosp...that place. Anyways, some lady want the baby."
"Some stanger?"
"Yeah, don't remember fo' sho."
"Well, give 'em to her!"
"Yeah, that it!"

Abbie was tired after her twelve-hour shift. She was more than ready to go home. Her day had been rather eventful. It started out with a child who went into cardiac arrest, another who had many seizures that day, and Autumn had yet another infection. Thus, as Abbie walked across the parking lot, she groaned inwardly. Lynn and Lance staggered toward her.
"I don't want trouble," she began firmly.
"Noooo," Lynn slurred.
"Then what are you doing here?"
"You're the one, ain't ya?" she asked.
"The one?"
"Yeah, that srange baby's mama."
"You mean, yours?"
"Yeah, have it." And with that, they shuffled away.
Abbie was no longer tired. She was invigorated, and she couldn't even think about leaving without finding Jason and Sariah. She was surprised and relieved to see Lynn leave without putting up a fuss.
She rushed to the cancer floor and almost collided with Sariah.
"Wow...what happened to you?" Sariah asked with a teasing glint in her eyes.
"Lynn just came...drunk as ever, and says I can have her baby. She said it so casually; It was like she was giving me a piece of paper or something."
"Do you think she'll remember? And if she doesn't, what will you do? This has to be all legal, you know."
"Of course I know that, but it won't be hard to convince the judge that she can not provide a safe home environment; after all, Autumn was placed elsewhere, so it's not like the authorities don't have a history with this lady."

The next day, when Lynn and Lance arrived at the hospital, they were a little more lucid.
"So how are you feeling Lynn? Is this pregnancy going well?" Sariah asked casually as they walked toward Autumn's room.
"I'm gonna give that baby to this lady..."
"Do you remember the lady's name?" The question was absurd! Still, Sariah knew this was far from a normal situation. Great, Sariah thought, as Abbie exactly the right time.
"Her!" Lynn exclaimed, pointing at the younger woman.
"Okay, so do you remember who that is?"
Snatches of memory began to form in Lynn's mind.
"Abbie," she said, as if revealing some great truth, "that's it!"
"Do you know the process for this?" Abbie asked.
"Well, no, I ain't not done this a'fore."
"I didn't expect that," Abbie began, "maybe we should start the process this week. I'll definitely go through everything with you. After all, I'll be the one with your--"
"It ain't my baby!" Lynn practically screamed.
"Miss Keller," Sariah said firmly, "this is a hospital."
"Well yeah, but it ain't my baby! Don't ever say that again!"
"Okay, can I pick you up and take you to the--"
"What?" Now Lance got in on the yelling action. "You ain't messin' in my territory!"
"If you can not contain your voices--"
"Fine! Wher ya wan me to go?" Lynn asked in a softer, but no less harsh, tone.
"We can meet at your house." Abbie suggested this because she sure didn't want Lynn driving, especially if this kind of thing was going to continue. She was already developing a plan. She would save that baby from a life of broken or nonexistent dreams.

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