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Chapter 84: Baby Answers
(by NativeRose, added on 12 April 2008 01:57 AM)

"I said, Jason and I have discussed and prayed about this, and we want to adopt Lynn's baby," Abbie said for the third time. They were all so shocked! No one knew what Lynn would do with the baby, and they all prayed she would not have an abortion. If she could be convinced to give the baby up for adoption, Jason and Abbie would be there to take him...or her. It seemed God answered their prayers when...
Lynn shoved the glass door open, and Lance ran through it before it could close on him. They marched to the elevator, and Lance slammed the button...but the door was opening. Lynn forcefully pressed the button for Autumn's floor, and when they exited, they clearly had a purpose in mind. Autumn's door was closed, but that deterred them not. Lance flung it opened, and it hit the wall with a resounding crash. Lynn nearly laughed out loud at the startled expression on Autumn's face. Good, Lynn thought, she's alone right now. However, that was not to last long.
"Something is terribly wrong!" Abbie said, bursting into Sariah's own little work area.
"What is it?"
"I don't know...just intuition or something, but we have to get to Autumn's room!"
"Well, Jason and Jamison just went to the cafeteria..."
"So what?" Abbie raced down the hall with Sariah right behind her. Just then, they heard the sound that confirmed Abbie's suspicion.

"I don't want this baby!" Lynn spat at Autumn.
"Look at what you have done! I don't have health insurance, and I sure as heck can't afford to pay for no abortion!"
Thank God, Abbie and Sariah thought, then she can't cause the baby any harm that way. God, please don't let her kill the baby another way.
"So why not put the baby up for adoption?" Autumn asked.
"What? I'm not resigned to carrying this baby. You and your pro-life sentiments can just go to blazes! You think there's any way I will carry this baby to term, go through the blasted pain of labor just to give the ugly child up?"
"Um...well..." Autumn didn'tknow what to say. She knew what her mom was like, but how could she speak so about her unborn baby? That child was a person, too.
"Lynn, see reason," Sariah began.
"And just where do you think I'll find the money for all the crap that goes into that?"
"What if we take her?" Jason heard Abbie say as he approached the room. Lynn's back was to the door, so she didn't see him enter. He tiptoed in with the stealth of a Lakota Sioux Native American. It was imperative that Lynn not know he was there until just the right time.
"What? You?" Lynn stared at Abbie in shock. "There is still the issue of money. Do you have an answer for that, you--"
Abbie didn't wait to hear what she would have said next. She plunged ahead, effectively cutting Lynn's speech short. "We will all help to cover the cost. We truly want a child, and if you do not want yours, we want the opportunity to give her a home."
"Well, I..." Lynn's voice trailed off. She didn't know what to say. Maybe they were right, but she certainly would never admit that to them.

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