Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 77: the Shattered Face
(by NativeRose, added on 7 April 2008 04:40 AM)

"She's always so strong for everyone," Sariah murmured.
"Yes, she doesn't seem to realize that she can break, if only a little." That was Jason.

The lone figured stood out of sight behind a filing cabinet. The wanderer had peeked at the nurse's name and located the place where she usually conducted staff meetings. Now she was in there with the girl's father and all those people in their scrubs. they were all saps, such sentimental fools! Why wouldn't they just let the girl die? It was people like her who were draining the health care system so people like this spy couldn't get what they needed.
"I don't know how she can hold it all together." that was the one they called Abbie. She seemed to be quite chummy with that girl's mountain of a father.

Back in Autumn's room, Josiah flushed her IV in order to inject medicine into the tubing. She was agitated, angry and frightened. She was just exhausted, but she couldn't sleep in her mental state. A second nurse, Marla, entered upon the girl's request. She, too, was one of Autumn's favorite nurses. Autumn knew Sariah and Abbie weren't available, so Marla went to talk to her.
"It was so scary," Autumn began, in little more than a whisper. "I have seen a lot of scary things in my life, but that was so unexpected! I can't believe my mom said all those things! Sometimes I don't think I ever want to see her again. Does that sound weird?"
"Of course not; you're entitled to your feelings."
"I'm glad my dad is marrying Abbie. I often wonder what it would be like if she was my mom. How would things have been different if you, Josiah or Sariah were family members instead. Now, all that is left of what my parents created is a broken-down shell. No wonder my mom thinks I'm worthless! Sometimes I think she's right; when she says those things, I feel like I'm just a useless blob of something undefinable taking up space in a hospital bed. And then I feel guilty, like maybe I'm not trusting God enough."
"You're one of the strongest people I know," Sariah began. Autumn had not heard her enter the room, and she was turned toward the wall, so she did not see the nurse come in. She slowly turned her head and saw her best friends there. Abbie, Sariah, Marla, Josiah and Jason stood around her bed, and they all wore concerned expressions. Even if her mother didn't care, they did. Then why did it have to hurt so much?

The figure slipped out of the shadows and crept along the hallway, staying out of sight when people walked by. The bottle was in hand, and now all the accomplice could do was wait for the proper time.

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