Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 7: no blood!
(by Jamin Peace, added on 13 April 2004 11:56 PM)

Audumn knew what all this meant, being one of Jehovah's people and being this sick was risky. A real trust in Jehovah and the ressurrection hope was what kept her strong. Before the surgery, a couple of elders from the medical leiazon committee were dispatched to talk to the docters who would be performing the surgery. They explained that their belief that no blood during the surgery was number one, and if the docters at this hospital were not willing to perform the surgery without blood, they would have to find one that was. Luckily, the docters had no problem with this.

Autumn was placed on blood thinners so that the loss of blood would be minimal and her daily bible study kept her reassured that if anything should go wrong, she would be resserrected in the new system and be able to enjoy perfect life.

Having her spiritual brothers and sisters there with her was a great comfort, the cards and visits were much appreciated and the introduction of new medicines such as erythropoietin and nonblood volume expanders such as saline solution gave her reassurance that she could make it through ok.

Autumn faced the future with confidence, although she did not know the outcome of the surgery, she had trust in her god, and even if she should die on the opperating table, at least she knew that what she was doing was right in Jehovah's eyes.

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