Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 69: a mirricle finnaly takes place.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 13 November 2007 08:12 AM)

one day autum woke up suddenly feeling brighter than she had felt in a long time as she opened her eyes she saw jason and lynn sat at ither side of her bed with jamason stood at the foot of it. suddenly autums doctor came in with seraya and her boyfriend

"Ho good you are all here." said the doctor. "Autum something amazing has happend, we have looked at your laitest blood tests and it looks like meraculessly your cancer went away over night we do not know how it has happend and if it is a perminant thing as the cells will still be dormant and it could come back at any time, plus your body was so riddled with it we do not know how much of the cancer may be hidden but at the momant their is hope." lynn jumped for joy so did jamason and jason. had god done his work? was their finnaly going to be some look for this family? first lynn found the way back to christ and normality then this. what was the next peace of good look going to be? the family wheir on a high and knew that finnaly a corner was being turned. lynn had got her self a good job as a counseler for drug addidcs and alcohollic teenagers and young adults and children who had problems with all types of abuse

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