Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 67: Who is the One?
(by NativeRose, added on 12 November 2007 11:34 PM)

Josiah Ashmore focussed on helping Autumn cut and organize her food, but his heart was elsewhere. He had come to this hospital eight months ago. He certainly hadn't thought anything personal would develop. Sure, he enjoyed his job; actually, he loved what he did. He hadn't thought a romantic interest would begin. Sariah Golden was the type of person he was praying for. She was a godly woman, generous, kindheart and soft-spoken. Still, she had a great sense of humor. Sariah was the type of woman Josiah could see spending the rest of his life with. They had only been going steady for four months, but it was obvious that Sariah experienced the same thoughts and emotions. They were both committed to letting God lead, but they had to be careful not to confuse their emotions with God's direction. Still, Josiah wondered if Sariah could be the one.

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