Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 60: lynn's realization.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 12 November 2007 11:57 AM)

lynn keller sat in the crummy apartment with the man she now lived with. James heart was a vilant alcahollic and drug adickt and unknown to lynn had been charged with rape a year before he met her. Suddenly james came in to the room.

"Hay lynn, how you doing?" lynn saw a glint in his eye.

"Hi what is up you look differint."

"Your daughter well she was gagging for it last night. When you kicked the door open and left me their i went in and bashed her head knocked her unconshass and when she awoke well you can guess what i did. She is a right little tramp and i hope this experience has recked her." lynn who was sober for once could not be sure if she was hering write the months of drinking had clouded jer judgement. "You said you wheir only going to talk to autum to try and get forgivness from her for me."
"Well had you fooled didan't it because i love you and knew if i did that i would loose you but now i decided to admit it to you as you are a horrable woman all the muttering in your sleep and when you think i can't here about wanting to change and turn to god. It's all bull and you know it lynn."

"How could you do that to my daughter i knew that going back to jason was the best thing but o no as usual i put my stupid drink and my stupid feelings first and i find out it was you that raped autum."

To jame's suprise lynn left the house.

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