Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 6: Life Continues
(by Shanda , added on 7 April 2004 04:50 PM)

The chemo had begun two weeks ago. Autumn was throwing up almost daily, and was so tired. She had very little strength for anything now, and any extra activities such as her drama, were out of the question.
Autumn's friends had been there for her in the last two weeks, and she knew they'd continue to be.
She'd also met Jeffrey, a guy a year older than her who was in the hospital dealing with complications that had arisen since his last seizure. Jeffrey was tall, had black hair, and sky-blue eyes. He was also blind, but this bothered Autumn none.
She and Jeffrey got along well, and he loved Jehovah as much as she did. This type of thing was important to Autumn and always had been from the moment she'd ever started to consider dating anyone.
She'd never dated, and now with this cancer, she figured she never would. No guy would ever like her enough to date her she thought, but Jeffrey decided to prove her wrong.

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