Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 5: Questions
(by NativeRose, added on 5 April 2004 08:42 PM)

Autumn was still in shock. She couldn't believe this. Other people had cancer; it couldn't affect her family. This couldn't be true. What would happen next? Would she need an operation? Would the doctors try to treat it with chemotherapy or radiation? How would all this be paid for? She knew the medical procedures and treatments would be costly, and there was only one source of income in the family, her mother. Her mother struggled just to make ends meet. What would happen next? Still the questions tumbled in her mind, like a child's building blocks. How she wished she could be a child once more, young, carefree, nothing to worry about. She reminded herself that the one thing she had to cling to was that Jehovah was with her always, child or not, and he would never leave her. She reminded herself that Jehovah would hear her prayers, and only he could give her the strength she needed to face this disease.

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