Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 31: Slipping into Darkness
(by NativeRose, added on 20 September 2004 12:08 AM)

Autumn drifted off to sleep, the memory of her conversation with Jamison lingered long after he left. He was always so...but she didn't finish the thought. She drifted off to sleep, ohnly to be wrenched from the peaceful land of slumber an hour later. She couldn't breathe. This had happened to her before, as the cancer had spread to other body systems. It invaded her lungs, and she recognized these symptoms, but it was too late. She frantically searched for the "panic button" as she called it. Sariah rushed into the room and took one look at Autumn's face.
"Code red!" she notified the appropriate people, who rushed into the room to revive the unconscious girl.
"She's seizing as well. The lack of oxygen to her brain is not a good thing." Sariah was wheeled away to ICU, where she was connected to machines that would breathe for her.

"Hello?" Lynne sleepily picked up the phone.
"Oh...she's...what? Okay, be right there!" She slammed the phone down, and rushed to arouse Jamison, then ran frantically out the door with Jamison on her heels.

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