Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 29: Awakening Again
(by NativeRose, added on 7 August 2004 03:29 AM)

When Autumn awoke, she was comforted to find Jamison there. He smiled when he saw her eyes flutter.
"You were really sleeping, big time. I haven't seen anything like that in a long time."
"Yeah, I guess I just feel at peace here. It's like this is my home away from home, you know? This is where I spend so much of my time. Well, I've been here constantly for the last two months. Sometimes I wonder when I'll take a dive and not resurface."
Jamison gasped. She had never spoken like this in their many conversations. She knew the inevitable was to come, she just didn't know when. He tried not to think about Autumn dying, and when it would happen. Honestly, that was the one thing that scared Jamison more than anything, his parents' drunken rage, going off to college, nothing caused him anxiety like this, only when he thought of Autumn's death. Jamison loved her so much; the English language was so limiting, he just couldn't express his feelings for Autumn, but he didn't want to lose her. He didn't know what he would do when she was gone.

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