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Chapter 119: Waking
(by Blake G, added on 18 April 2009 05:33 PM)

Autumn felt as if she were floating. No doubt, that was due to the setatives she had been given before. Groggilly, she opened her eyes. Carefully turning her head, she spotted Jamison sitting beside her bed. She wanted to say hello, ask him about what had happened during her sergery, where everyone else was, but the words wouldn't come to her. She heard him speaking, but didn't understand what he said. A tear rolled down her cheek, and he gently wiped it away.

Autumn pointed at the door, trying to ask where everyone was, were they outside, waiting?

A nurse entered the room and came to stand beside Autumn. Autumn pointed at the paper in her hands, and the nurse tilted it so she could see it. It was a picture, a picture of her friends in the waiting room. At the bottom was a line, perhaps a path to the hospital door, but Autumn didn't quite understand its significants. She understood the picture, though, and desperately wanted to thank the nurse who had shown her what she had wanted to know. The nurse smiled, pointed at herself, and in a calm, clear voice, said, "Morgan."

Autumn blinked in confusion, not understanding the word the nurse had said. Was it a name, was it an idea? What was it? The nurse paciently said her name again, though Autumn didn't realize that was what she was attempting to tell her. On the nurses third attempt, Autumn thought she understood the nurse was trying to tell her what her name was. Though Autumn understood that idea, she didn't understand what to do to repeat it, how to thank the nurse for her help. She still didn't know what the nurses name was, wanted to see her friends.

As the setatives wore off, Autumn's mind became more focused. She felt slightly dizzy, but not as disoriented as she would have expected herself to be. She felt a pain in her head, though it was dulled by the drugs being pumped through her blood. Jamison and the nurse helped Autumn in to her wheel chair, but this one was different, more like a stretcher on wheels. They rolled her and the I.V. poll out of the hospital room and in to the waiting room.

Her friends and family crowded around her, all of them speaking, trying to ask her questions, all of them concerned. The sounds were unrecognizable and confusing to Autumn, and she found them frightening. She felt the cool, strong fingers of the nurse grip her left hand in a calming jesture. They had stopped as the nurse looked in to Autumn's eyes. The look was strong, but not intimidating. Autumn focused on it, breathing deeply, trying to calm her rising fear and panick. This woman had communicated with her, had given her pictures to see. She could help her.

"If everyone stays quiet, you can come back to Autumn's room with us. Don't overwelm her." The nurse said, though Autumn understood little.

The prosession was quiet as they continued on, and Autumn realized the nurse had probably told everyone to remain quiet. Autumn was thankful for that, and her face formed a slight smile. The nurse smiled back at her, her eyes full of joy. Still quite tired, Autumn felt herself falling asleep, but was determined to stay awake until they reached her room. When the door opened and her stretcher was rolled in to the room, Autumn only caught a glance before she fell asleep, her face pieceful.

"She'll probably be asleep for a few hours." Morgan said, her and Jamison gently placing her in to her bed.

"Is she going to be ok?" Jamison asked.

"Yes, she'll eventually recover, but it's going to take time." Morgan said.

"How did you communicate with her?" Jenny asked, her voice curious and jealous.

"I have a daughter who also has language difficulty. She was in a car accident two years ago. I had to learn patients, I had to learn the techniques required to communicate with her. It was frustrating at first, but now, I have the experience and knowledge to help Autumn. I'm going to do my best, but remember, no more than one person talk at a time when you're with her. It can be overwelming for her." Morgan said.

"Your daughter... What's her name... And can we talk with her, get her side of the story? Maybe she could help Autumn too." Jamison said hopefully.

"That's a wonderful idea." Morgan said with a smile. "And to answer your first question, her name is Michelle."

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