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Chapter 112: Jenni's Role
(by NativeRose, added on 23 December 2008 01:09 PM)

Jaycee, Autumn's regular social worker, had been at a conference for psychologists, so she wasn't there to hear Autumn's news with the others. That was why Dr. OConnor had asked Melody to take her place.
Now Jaycee was trying to explain the recent news to Lance.
"She has a metastatic brain tumor, but they are going to remove as much as they can. They will also begin radiation..."
Lance had no idea what Jaycee said after that. Hadn't Autumn been through enough already? So what if she snapped at people yesterday, as Jason had explained. Couldn't they be a little more leanient? He sure hoped no one would...

Lance answered his ringing cell phone only to hear surprising and dismal news.
"Hey, I figured you would want to know..." Jenni was saying.
"There is a lady who is being released today, and I heard her say something about Lynn Keller. No one here knows about my connection with those people. So she's going to be released this afternoon, and I don't know if she'll try to cause trouble for Autumn."
"Oh, thank you so much for telling me. Who is this lady?"
"Her name is Virginia Swenson. You just have to warn those people."
"I'm on it!...Jaycee!" he called after the retreating worker.

Fifteen minutes later, several people met in Carrie's unofficial office for an impromptu staff meeting.
"Jacob, you were asked to be here because we need a security guard to be stationed outside Autumn's room for a time."
"Joshua is on the next shift, and he knows about Autumn's sticky situation. Do you want him next?"
"You, Joshua, Gabriel, Isaiah and Joel have been approved to help with this." Carrie handed Jacob a sheet of paper. "This is a tentative schedule for the five of you. Take a look at this, circulate it to the others and get back to me ASAP to let me know if this will work." She turned to the others in the room to explain the situation. Lance just told me about an increased threat for Autumn. Apparently one of Lynn's friends is being released from Oakwood today. We have no idea if she will try to pull a Becky, but we're not taking any chances!"
"You got that right!" Jamison exclaimed, jumping to his feet.
"'s just that these people can't use her for target practice! It's just not going to happen!" Sariah reached out to touch his arm in a motherly fashion.
"Jenni got the staff to fax us a picture of the woman, Virginia. Jacob, you'll hand these out to your guards with discretion?"
"Absolutely!" Everyone split up with pictures in hand and somber, determined expressions. There would be no way that Lynn could continue to haunt Autumn's life.

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