Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 110: Jesus, our Blessed assurance
(by Reinhard , added on 20 December 2008 07:23 PM)

Lance sat down at the end of autumn’s bed and looked at her. He just could not believe the weirdness the oddity of life. He had never heard of such twice crazy life. He wondered if autumn ever thought this would even have been a possibility just a few months ago. Lance kept looking at autumn and thinking about how weird, broken and messed up this girl really was. He felt so guilty so out of sorts. Here he thought autumn was his sister, but turned out that she was not but she was a cousin. He felt so offal about what he did in sin. He knew that he was going to have to face this monster and he just wished that when ever it happened that it wood be quick and it would be over. Lance looked around Autumn’s hospital room and wished for the 1000th time that she would not have to stay in such a drab room. A room were deaf happens. It is a pretty room. Flowers are placed here are there. Some on the TV. Someone had brought in a small table and placed it next to her bed. On the table are pictures of her at the beach. Just behind the pictures are a grouping a small pictures all of which were taken with a Polaroid camera. The pictures were of her class mates smiling, holding balloons and showing joy. Lance looked at these pictures and thought about the kind of life Autumn had before al of this craziness started. He new that things were not as happy as all that, but they must have been better then they were now. He was also sure that Autumn was not this reserved be for … Oh God why did I have to go off and make a mess of such nice girl?

Lance looked up from the pictures and say Jason come though the door. He sure did not look all that happy to see all of these people in Autumn’s room. He was hoping that he would have a few minutes alone with Autumn. He had found out that he had some very bad news and he did not know how he was going to brake it to her. Looking at Lance he realized that Lance also was full of love for his little girl. At times, he know that he had problems forgiving Lance for what he had done. But, he prayed to the Lord that he would be her life line. He could not believe how things had changed over such short amount of time. He was, walking in to his little girls room and seeing all of this living people talking and sitting or leaning on walls talking to Autumn. He new that Autumn had not seen him since she was still talking with Matthew and Philip (Jason had met them a few days ago as he was leaving the building). He looked at Autumn and Lance.

Lance was looking out the window when Jason came in to the room. When he turned around there he was, Wondering for the 100th time why this had to happen why he had damaged such a beautiful girl. Lance looked at Jason and immediately knew that something was wrong, something that was not going to be fun and something that was going to brake.

Jason walked all the way in to the room and everyone stopped talking and all looked at him. The only sound in the room came from the hall and the quiet buzzing of the TV turned on low..
“Autumn…” He began and had difficulty continuing.
“I think … I …” He broke down crying. Autumn never say her dad cry just like this. Everyone looked at Jason, strong tall Jason and wondered what was coming. They all new was ever it was it was not going to be fun.
Lance stood up and mad room for Jason to set on the bed with his daughter.
Jason took a big breath and started again to speak. He sure hoped that he could get this out before he totally lost it.
“Autumn, I just came from … talking with the doctors.” Jason prayed, O Lord give me strength to tell her was I must say. I had asked permission to give her this news and not have it come from the staff. “I do not know how to tell you this … but, you are ummm … present condition is temporary. The doctors looked at your tests this morning and … the cancer is starting to build up in your mind …” Jason list it. He just could not continue telling his little girl who he only new fir a couple of weeks now that she only had weeks to live. There was no denying the truth. The cancer was beginning to invade the brain tissues at the bottom of the brain stem. “Autumn you have only a couple of weeks left …” He hugged her firmly crying uncontrollably. “the doctors say that it could be any time now. They say that it will be painless and very quick. The staff say that hospice will be coming in daily to help.” At this, Sariah and Jamison sped forward and said,
“we are volteers for hospice and will not be leaving you.” Jamison continued “I will be brining up my homework and doing it here with you. I will always will be bringing you school work as well.” He new cried as well hugging Autumn. “Jesus is here with use and he will and always will be here with us. I am so happy that Jesus is here was us and that he is in total control. Jamison and Jason stepped out of the room in order to allow Sariah to have a couple of moments. The boys just stood there watching and listening. They new something was very wrong and this is why they decided to come up to the room and give her a berth of the freshness of outside. They made t leave, but Lance (from the doorway) said that it was okay if they stayed.
Sariah bent down and hugged Autumn. “I will be here for you. When you want a girl to cry with I am here.

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