Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 107: Autumn's brother
(by reinhard stebner, added on 13 December 2008 09:20 AM)

Two children played in the park below Autumn's window. One little boy looked like he had seen better days. His closing looked a bit raged and his friend looked like he also looked like he had seen better days as well. Autumn has seen this two boys paying out there. When ever she say them playing it always helped her deal with the bumps and turns in her life. The read headed boy reminded her of the friends from school. it had been a while now sicne she had seen them and some times she wundered how they were and what was up with them. The way how she was feeling these days, she realy did not want to see any of them.

Lance kept thinking about what had happened and thaugth about what had happened and how badly he felt. He often thaugth about the little sister he used to have. A sister who looked very much like Autumn. His mother who he enver new and a fother who he did not get along with all that well.

Autumn looked at the two poys playing again and remember many years ago a brother, a brother who was simple but very challenged. He was challenged by expernaces and hapenstances. She kept watching the two boys and wundered who they were and who their parents were. She was glad that these two boys found the park by the Hospital. The park was new, they had just opend it a few weeks ago. She often thagut that they opened it for her benifit so that she could watch people and be part of something again.

Lance new that he may never find his little sister expecually how messed up was was now. He knew that he had a long way to go before he would become werthy. It was something to have met Autumn. He stell felt verly badly about what had happened and somehow he felt that he had hurt Autumn much greater then he could ever amagen. Somehow he knew down deep that he had hurt himself, that he had taken something away from himself. Somehow he knew that his little sister was damaged, damaged far beyong any normal person could bar.

Autumn looked away fromt he boys and back at her room. The flowers kept fresh by her dad, the letters and pos tcards on the table set out for her from many people around the contry who had heard about the Autumn's plite and wnated to send their support. She new thta this rode of recovery would be a long one. She also new that with her Loard next to her side that things would be okay. She felt violoted, and did not trust very many people. At times she even had problems trusting God. She had to remind herself that Jesus would enver give her anything that would be two hard for her to deal with. For the first time in a long time she thaught about who her brother coul be. She new she had a brother, but was not shure who or where he could be. She turned over and looked out the open door of her room. Ever since that offel night, she wanted the door of her room always open and a gard stationed just outside the door at all times.

Lance decided that the only way he was going to know who his little sister was, was by starting a search for her. He was not even shure who his mother was.

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